Final Showcase @ PIXEL Studios

A mini-update!

To end off our three-month-long journey under the Game Innovation Programme 2017, all three teams pitched and showcased our games at PIXEL Studios on Friday. Our team gave a brief presentation on A Hunter’s Tale to the panel of judges, followed by a playtesting session after the presentations were done.

Andddddd we won!

[HQ] 20170811_161634Photo Credits:  SUTD Game Lab

Wasn’t expecting much since the other two games were really impressive too, but I’m just really really thankful to my team who put in so much effort for this game! What a great way to end our three months of hard work. 🙂

Here’s a picture with the GIP2017 game directors too! Many thanks to all the advice and help they’ve given us along this journey. 🙂

[HQ] 20170811_162729Photo Credits:  SUTD Game Lab

Signing off,
_NaNicStudios Game Designer / Producer

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