Week 12 – GIP Demo Day & End of Gold

20368795_1618882911479552_843532897708799503_oCredits: SUTD GameLab Facebook

Demo Day @ SUTD went pretty well! We got lots of valuable feedback even though human traffic wasn’t exactly all that great for that event. This is the first time we’ve actually opened our game out to the public, and it was a pretty nerve-wrecking day for us.

From the people who came by our booth to try out our games, we learnt that UX still needs a little more work for intuitiveness, and we’ve worked on it since then. Information flow was a great improvement as compared to before, so that’s a great relief. We begin to see players sitting down and playing through almost the entire game, not giving up even when they lose. That has got to be the greatest satisfaction as a Game Designer—to know that people actually find your game fun.

Anyway, here’s our team happy (but exhausted) at the end of the day:

Credits: SUTD GameLab Facebook

Since our last update, the Battle Phase interface has been revamped! Much thanks to Yan Ling (Programmer) stepping up on her own to re-theme the bottom action bar and Clara (Artist) polishing up what Yan Ling did, we finally have a UI that does not look out of place!


We are now at the end of Gold Sprint and we’re wrapping the game up, ensuring that it’s bug free, and also adding the final polish to the game mostly in terms of game balance and art assets. We’ve also added cutscenes between the phases to better tie the underlying story together, and the game feels whole. Really proud of each and every one in my team for pushing themselves so hard for this game! 🙂

Signing off,
_NaNicStudios Game Designer / Producer

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