Feature Update – Bosses and Habitats

I realized we never really talked about the Habitats in our game, so here’s a brief progress update along with some explanation to what they do. Being a careful Hunter, our main character takes special care in gathering all the information regarding the creatures that he wants to Hunt. These creatures live in various Habitats, where the Hunt (or battle) takes place.

Habitats affect the Hunt by introducing various conditions to the battle. Similar to how various environments feel different and require a person to react differently, Habitats provide a similar function in the game. They may force the player to fight in a more enclosed space, or make the Player and Creature both receive damage over time.

Here are the three Habitats (drawn by Gin) that have made it into the game!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are the three Creatures that the player can choose to Battle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each habitat has two unique effects tied to them, but only one of them will occur during the Hunt. Additionally, every time when the player starts a new game, the Creatures will be randomly paired with a different Habitat, ensuring a different experience every playthrough! Looking forward to see how players will adapt to these different combinations and scenarios.

Signing off,
_NaNicStudios Game Designer / Producer

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